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Do You Actually Need Antivirus on Mac?

Monica Jessop,

The world of computers and gadgets is full of various misconceptions. And the more serious issue is, the more of those misconceptions we meet. The digital world, especially during last few years, faced with a great problem of taking those security requirements too lightly. For years people thought that only Windows operating system is easily attacked by security threats and they are not dangerous to other operating systems and devices powered by them. Well, it was a big mistake.

Of course, Mac OS and Linux architectures are much more complicated than the Windows one. Users thought that to create even the simplest virus for Mac, a person should be some sort of a digital genius. Besides that, there are various security features defending our Macs from various malware. They are anti-phishing, anti-adware, anti-spyware, anti-ransomware, and other layers of security to keep your Mac running only the software or apps that you have authorized.

Well, it is basically true, but not anymore. The growth of the Internet and our love to various cloud services made a revolution not just in a positive way. The entire security environment has changed forever and what is even more serious that transformation is still in the process. All those viruses we were afraid of to come from the Internet now are threatening our cloud services accounts.

Of course, those computers powered by Windows are more sensitive to attacks. Those devices are more popular, affordable, and widespread all around the globe. But what you should realize right now is that the number of malware designed specially for Mac has increased extremely. And this year the number of those viruses is higher than in the previous few years combined.

Now you see how big the problem is? Apple and security experts all around the world warn Mac users to use special software to protect your system and data from malware attacks and not to rely on the Mac OS security features only. Try to prevent the damage before it is too late.

All those cyber criminals out there are getting better with every new day as well as their methods of hiding viruses from security systems and experts. And what is even more dangerous, those criminals are no longer working for practice or notoriety. These days they are hacking and attacking for money. And the situation will be getting even worse with a growth of the digital world.

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Modern malware is solid, cunning, and complex. And the methods of spreading that digital disease are also more dangerous than in good old days. Now users install most of those viruses by their own cunningly tricked by hackers. Among these viruses are CoinThief, a Mac Trojan that goes for Bitcoin wallets after infiltrating computers, or the devastating Flashback Trojan that infected more than 600,000 devices worldwide. Such treats are getting better and trickier every single day to extort money from Mac users all over the world. For example, in March 2016 had to fight KeRanger, the first ransomware designed for Mac.

Secure Your Mac, Data, and Money

So, as you see, hackers and malware creators are no longer just harmless geeks. Those people are dangerous and so are their creations. And those viruses are already here on your Mac. So, that is the most dangerous misconception you should get rid of. And the other one is that the number of those dangerous for Mac viruses is so small you don’t even need to install any antivirus software. Well, it is not true. The number of malware grows constantly and modern antivirus programs are designed to fight not a particular virus, but the entire family it belongs to.

You also should note that those Mac viruses have stealth mode that gives them the opportunity to work silently in the background. And some malware can work in that way for years without any signs of its existence. All those banners and adverts showing in inappropriate places are there for a reason. It is because some malware is stealing your private info and even gets the processing power of your Mac down.

Security Solutions are Different

The number of security solutions on the market these days is impressive. But you need to realize clearly that not all of them are created equally. There are lots of fake antiviruses and other protection apps no matter what operating system you use.