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How to Fix a Macbook that Won't Start

Erik Blandford,

You’ve just bought a Macbook and it does not want to start – annoying feeling, right? Since you want your favorite laptop to work unplugged, you have to find a solution in order to prevent the worst consequences. Let’s us go through these steps to see what is wrong.

Instead of being incredibly nervous and panicked, go through this simple instruction. What do you need to focus on?

  1. Make sure your laptop is plugged in and the MagSafe connection also plugged into your Mac.
  2. Does Apple adaptor work without any troubles? If not, you need to know that the mentioned adaptor consists of two main parts. These parts must be connected together.
  3. The wall socket may not work properly. Try to use another one. This step is important, and sometimes it can be a reason.
  4. The Apple adaptor must look perfect, without any burned-out signs. If it does not look so, try to buy a new one.
  5. The MagSafe connection cannot work normally if it has dust inside. That may also be a reason for wrongful charging.
  6. Go to <Menu Bar> and find the battery icon. By clicking on it, you may see the message <Service Battery>, meaning that you have to replace your battery.

Your laptop settings

Your MacBook won’t charge if you have issues in settings. Make sure it does not drain the whole energy, by following this step.

Go to System Preferences > Settings > Energy Saver. If you see both “sliders” set <never>, reset them by clicking <default> button.

More solutions to fix it

Even the Apple is aware of such problems.

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In order to help their users, they recommend them to try three ways:

  1. The owners of old Macbook versions can re-insert the battery since the old models have this option.
  2. Reset the System Management Controller. That may help you to solve your problem with the battery.
  3. Get the official support. If two options above did not help, buy a new battery or go to the Apple Store for a professional observation (here is important to have a warranty).

How to reset System Management Controller

If you want to go through the second option, you can reset it in few steps.

  1. Turn off your laptop (Apple > Shutdown)
  2. Connect the MagSafe power adapter.
  3. Hold down the combination of keys <Control + Shift + Option + Power Button> and then release them after 4-5 seconds.
  4. Start your Mac by pressing <Power> button.

The official information presented by Apple has more details regarding the whole process of resetting SMC. If nothing helps, then you have to go to Service.