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MacOS High Sierra - Future Behind the Update


The reason why every update is always associated with positive feelings is that it makes your system’s performance better, including many useful tips to solve some serious issues. Let us focus on High Sierra update.

The updates designed by Apple for Mac are worth your attention. With the new one coming to live (10.13) there are no big changes, but something is pretty interesting. However, it does not have a huge package of improved features, but some of them are changing the whole picture.

You may ask, is this upgrade what you need? The above-mentioned features may be useful for you, especially if you operate with Apple Photos. Integrated Apple apps, like Mail, also get a few interesting things. The High Sierra makes your virtual activity better.

You can avoid this update, but in terms of security – it is very important for your system. The High Sierra update contains some security fixes and you may make the decision whether to download it or not.

A new file system and High Sierra

Apple File System or APFS is the key element of this latest update. The file system is created to operate and manage your Mac’s data. The biggest change to the previous fact is the replacement of an old version.

APFS is available for those, who use Macbooks with a SSD
APFS is available for those, who use Macbooks with a SSD

Since the old, Hierarchical version was way too outdated – the new one can completely work with modern devices. The files are bigger and our storage needs space. This new system is a good news for many users, who were occupied with this issue for a long time.

However, you need to know about some moments. The APFS is currently available for flash storages on your MacBooks. After the beta version was replaced for a full one, APFS can be installed on a hard drive, but to support this function correctly, Apple decided to make a special update in the nearest future.

Here is a close look of an update features

  • Built-in disk encryption and its full support;
  • Helpful snapshots with the current condition of your storage; may be used for backups;
  • Space-sharing function for files;
  • Increased performance;
  • The ability to work with the different size of storage and files.

For MacBook users with a SSD, High Sierra automatically applies APFS. The beta tests did not show any troubles with APFS, but there is a chance to have some. In order to prevent future issues, you might want to wait first fix of the current update.

High Sierra opens a new virtual reality

Nowadays, people are obsessed with many devices, which provide the access to a new virtual reality. Apple users did not experience such action when it comes to Macs. Nevertheless, by releasing the newest update, Apple is looking forward to supporting devices, like the HTC Vive, for example. Apple successfully achieved many agreements with leaders on the virtual reality market.

High Sierra to support VR headgear HTC Vive
High Sierra to support VR headgear HTC Vive

Metal 2 (Apple’s graphics API) will be supported by the recent update. This will make you jump into the virtual reality with the highest graphics performance if you want to test something new. However, developers are working on a special software, in order to support these devices and its functions correctly.

Two newest file formats

The release of High Sierra creates a support for new file formats. These two are HEVC – high-efficiency video encoding and HEIF – high-efficiency image format for photos. HEVC, also known as H.265, provides you with the better size of video files. This one can be important since we’re using 4K video and files of this format are very large. The same function does HEIF, but with photos.

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Both of the videos in this still image were encoded at 1080p at 400 kbps. The top video (706KB file) used HEVC (a.k.a. H.265). The bottom video (751KB file) used H.264. Click to enlarge. Sample files available at x.265.com
Both of the videos in this still image were encoded at 1080p at 400 kbps. The top video (706KB file) used HEVC (a.k.a. H.265). The bottom video (751KB file) used H.264

So what does this update give you in the end? Your phone will read files, created in new formats. MacBooks built on Skylake processors will provide a hardware acceleration for HEVC. The older versions are able to play HEVC, but the performance may not be good.

Some users may have doubts regarding the usage of new file formats. It is completely your decision not to use the newest formats on macOS devices. Apple also will offer their users an option to export new formats into the old ones.

New features for your favorite browser

The one important moment of this update is getting new features for your Safari browser.

The most annoying auto-play of videos will no longer be your problem. The High Sierra update provides Safari with a special feature to stop those autoplays. Your list of favorite bookmarks can be edited by setting up different settings for each link.

Safari 11: new feature to stop auto-plays

Yet another important feature is Intelligent Tracking Prevention. You always become a target of those who want to throw their advertisements at you. Imagine – you want to buy a new desk online. Once you tried to search it on the web, every next Internet page will be full of ads regarding desks. The feature presented by this update will solve this problem. Now, you can safely browse for any items after you activated this or new feature.

There are many reading-features for people, who prefer to get information from many sources. However, you do not need to go for High Sierra update in order to get all these features, since Safari 11 is available for macOS Sierra. Just install it through the software update.


The application that gets many important and interesting changes is Photos. Album and Edit Mode have been remade. Now you can organize the whole process of editing photos with better and increased accuracy. Live Photo support was added to new filters. Project Extension is in a new shape: you are able to create books or websites through different services. More details can be seen in this update after you decided to install it.

Photos’ Project Extensions allow you to create photo books, cards, mounted pictures, and more directly in the Photos app
Photos’ Project Extensions allow you to create photo books, cards, mounted pictures, and more directly in the Photos app

Your virtual friend Siri

The official debut of Siri was in macOS Sierra. Some people often rely on Siri, and some do not.

What is new about Siri in the recent update? First, she does not sound like a robot anymore. So, it is not creepy like it was before. You can enjoy the new updated version of her voice by installing High Sierra.

Mostly, many users could not use Siri properly, since there was always a misunderstanding in giving commands. Apple made some improvements and they claim that she became better. Moreover, you can get some fun by switching your playlist through Siri. She is very smart though.

Other changes to review

  • Mail features: history of your e-mails, contacts etc.;
  • Flight status;
  • Family Sharing for iCloud;
  • Improved TouchBar for MacBook Pro;
  • The Notes app with tables and pinned notes.
Spotlight to give you flight information, without using Safari
Spotlight to give you flight information, without using Safari

High Sierra update consists of many features, and you can enjoy all of them by upgrading your device now.

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