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Best Games for iOS in 2017: Quick Review

Erik Blandford,

You know that besides top apps for Mac, 2017 was a great year for games on iOS: plenty of new titles and sequels to choose from, so you can try different games and pick the one you like most. We will remind you the best iOS games of last year that are worth playing. And what is your favorite iOS game?

Milkmaid of the Milky Way and Star Wars

You have probably heard of these two games. Milkmaid of the Milky Way sounds intriguing and fun if you do not know what it is. The game has a couple of flows but in general, if you love adventure games with a good story and elements of science fiction you will be entertained by this one. As for Star Wars, many of the drawbacks it has can be found in a similar type of games so it is not a problem. It is totally worth downloading, sound and graphics are awesome and the game is fast (except for times when you have to wait for card packs to open).

Red’s Kingdom and Evil Factory

A perfectly crafted Red’s Kingdom is an adventure game with a good story, colorful characteristics and it totally catches your attention. Plenty of elements are surprising you at every point and the game is a puzzle itself. And Evil Factory is the game you cannot leave behind: battles are exciting, the pace is quick, and style is appealing. What do you think?

RPS Saga and Hidden Folks

The first one is a quite simple game with RPG elements and gameplay strategy. It is pretty random if you want to implement a serious strategy into battles and it has special fun and unique abilities. The only disadvantage is a monotonous mechanics that reminds you classic Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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As for Hidden Folks, the hand-drawn art is charming and impressive. It is crafted just perfectly and strives for simplicity. The game succeeds with flying colors and to find things on each level becomes a challenge. Hidden Folks will make your brain work on hints and you will enjoy the game!

Shardlight and Ticket to Earth

The shardlight game is about the post-apocalyptic world that you have read and seen lots of time in fiction. The plot is well-developed and interesting, it twists and turns and keeps you guessing throughout the whole game. The design is awesome and solid, and although background seems cluttered, the tones of the game are set fine. Ticket to Earth is also absolutely incredible. The story has surprising twists of plot and impactful characters that keep you invested in the new world. The game has an original battle system and offers a deep combat experience.

And what is your favorite new iOS features and games?