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Siri Smart Assistant: Already on Half a Billion Devices

Robby Fester,

Apple announces recent information of the number of people actively using the company’s smart assistant Siri. The number of Siri users has reached half a billion.

It is noted that such a result is a big increase as compared to the previous data point. Last June at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference Apple informed that Siri was used on over 375 million iOS devices.

As we know, Apple has contributed certain features to Siri update High Sierra versions. For instance, macOS has introduced a more expressive and natural male and female voices and improves Siri’s learning and synchronization abilities. iOS 11 introduced a couple of improvements, such as more realistic human voices that closely follow the natural speech. Besides, Siri is actively learning the user’s preferences and can sync the obtained information across all of the user’s devices. Also, with iOS 11, it can already translate from English to Chinese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. And you may use Siri to control various HomeKit devices.

The number of Siri users is likely to continue increasing in the future with the release of the HomePod, which will rely on Siri in many aspects. Siri is intended to serve as a home musical specialist at the HomePod, and Apple is working to raise Siri’s expertise in music-related subjects.


Together with HomePod, Siri can provide music recommendations to match the user’s personal taste, as well as respond to a number of music-related commands and questions like “Play more songs like this,” “Who’s singing?”, or “Play something new”.

Also on HomePod, Siri can answer questions on lots of subjects, provide weather forecasts, send messages, download apps and check the news (this feature comes with the iOS 11.2.5). Besides, the smart assistant is able to make appointments, remind you the time of conferences and TV movies and much more providing you treat him (or her) properly, learning for yourself the assistant’s skills and abilities.

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