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A New iPhone Might Lose Some Features

Monica Jessop,

According to the mainstream predictions, this year Apple will launch three new iPhones. Along with a refurbished iPhone X (having a 5.8-inch OLED display), you may expect an iPhone X Plus (with a bigger 6.5-inch OLED display), and a cheaper iPhone having an LCD display (6.1-inch). That 6.1-inch new device resembles the current iPhone X in appearance but will be markedly cheaper. According to the most famous Apple news predictor Ming-Chi Kuo, it will be in the range between $700 and $800, that is $300 less than the iPhone X. At the same time, the design is likely to be very similar. However, there will be certain sacrifices, which are, of course, necessary with such a considerable price drop. Thus, for the sake of price competitiveness, designers have cut some luxuries including the stainless steel frame (changed to aluminum) and dual rear-facing cameras. Probably, the losses will include 3D Touch. Besides, the 6.1-inch device will have less RAM. While, according to rumors, the 5.8- and 6.5-inch models pack 4GB of RAM, the cheaper 6.1-inch will only have 3GB. However, as reported earlier, all three devices are sure to have Face ID.

In Ming-Chi Kuo’s forecast, the price decrease for the cheapest of the three iPhones will produce a corresponding benefit on the market.  True, the model will lose a lot in terms of digital photography (due to the lack of dual rear-facing cameras) and maybe in user’s convenience (with the possible return to standard keyboard). However, despite such important cuts, the 6.1-inch iPhone has all chances to become a great seller owing to its low price tag. While the predictor estimates the total sells of Apple’s iPhones in the second half of 2018 from 80 to 90 million, he estimates about 50 percent of them to be accounted for by the 6.1-inch model.

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But this amount will be only sold if Apple can produce them quickly enough. In this relation, Kuo has a warning. According to him, currently, the development progress of the 6.1-inch model is somewhat behind that of the other two iPhones. However, as regards manufacturing, the LCD model is certainly easier to produce in big quantities, so the 6.1-inch iPhone can catch up with the two OLED models even despite possible delay at the development stage.

Also, Kuo comments on possible cease in production of Apple’s iPhone X expected in mid-2018. Among the reasons, he mentions the weak demand for the product. However, he supposes that the upcoming iPhone models will enhance the company’s sales.