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New Foldable iPhone 2020: to be or not to be

Robby Fester,

Maybe the next great redesign of famous iPhone X will be a new model of the foldable device. Who knows? It is assumed that Apple is currently working on the creation of something awesome which will be launched in 2020. The main iPhone rival Samsung has been talking about a new foldable device for some time by now, although we still have no news for future updates. Foldable devices are our future: but how soon will it come?

Foldable Future

Not for the first time we hear that Apple is working together with suppliers on foldable technology. Last years people rumored that the company worked with LG researching technology for the foldable screen. 2020 seems far away but it is just two years from new iPhones models. OLED rise makes it realistic. Such screens are made of independent pixels which are more flexible.

Innovations and Tech

Creating a foldable smartphone needs a lot of innovations because it is not just a flexible screen but all the internal components which should flex – that is how to make a really good device. There is no point in buying a phone that is able to bend at the top but is still fixed at the bottom. You will need flexible batteries, boards, memory and other details and it means significant changes to what we have today.

Add here market pressures as you should keep making phones more beautiful, smaller and much more powerful and you will see that it is a real challenge because it is more than two years to get. It is great that Apple has already started investigating these processes but it will definitely take long to make it happen. And it will take even longer to achieve the high quality of Apple updates has always been proud of.

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