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Get to Know More about Apple’s New Tool

Monica Jessop,

After the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, the EU rushed to approve new rules of the data collection for technology companies known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And though it has only been introduced into the EU law system, it automatically affects companies outside of the European Union. This is tricky, we won’t dive deep into the details, but one thing is worth mentioning. If a user from the inside of the EU interacts with foreign service or company – they (companies) are inevitably required to change their privacy policy following the EU standards.

So based on those statements, the European policy is expected to influence all the major tech players in the world, as well as smaller companies by the end of the summer, if not earlier. More and more companies fix up their old policies to meet the EU regulations. And what did Apple do with their privacy policy? You’re going to find out about the new Apple file system!

Download Your Data from Apple in a Few Clicks

Are you curious about what pieces of information Apple stores on its servers about you? The company welcomes you to give them a quick visit to their brand-new data & privacy website section and download whatever you want to know. The data they have on you is collected from such services as App Store, iTunes (from every update, even if you use iTunes 12.7 version), iCloud, Game Center, iBook Store, and Apple Music. Also, there’s data about your subscriptions, downloads, AppleCare support history and all that good stuff.

Fortunately, you can manually choose which data you want to download, for example, your Apple ID account and device info. Because otherwise, it would have been hard to dig through the information you are not very interested in, like iPhone Reminders (or are you?)

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But if you want to know everything about yourself and download all the data in one batch, Apple lets you do that in several clicks. Given that the amount of data is considerable and so as the weight of the files, Apple came up with 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, and 25GB compression options which dramatically cut the waiting time. Choose whichever option suits you the best & pick needed files and go for it!

After, you’ll have to wait for some time until the company reviews your request since it has to run checks on your identity. Apple has always been the best at protecting users’ information, and this case is no less important. You don’t want a 25GB file stuffed with information about your online behavior and character stolen by a hacker. That’s why you should be patient as it might take up to 7 days to process. The data will be delivered as spreadsheets or files in JSON, CSV, XML, PDF, VCF, ICS, HTML, and EML formats.

Correct Apple if They Are Wrong

In the updated section, you can change any information you think is wrong about you, or even deactivate/activate your account. Also, you can now delete your account completely, and by doing so, you give Apple an opportunity to wipe off all the information about you from their servers forever.

This tool is currently only available to countries located in Europe, but the company is working on the US version of the policy as well, and soon will introduce it to users from other countries.