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Top 4K Mac Monitors to Pick in 2018

Robby Fester,

You should admit that the display of your Mac is already gorgeous. However, sometimes you have LTE connectivity problems or just might feel the need for a second display and in this case, you need to research the market for a good one. The 4K monitor is something larger than you had and is the next step towards the improvements of your work and pleasures. So if you doubt what monitor to choose, let’s consider top ones on the market that perform awesomely.

Dell P2715Q Monitor

The Dell P2715Q which costs around $400 has 27 inches and turn round to any required orientation. That makes the monitor super valuable for workstation configuration and the IPS panel makes the view excellent from any angle. The panel creates richer colors and the monitor has a response time of 9ms (if your eyes can count that, of course, J). The monitor was made specifically to be connected to other stuff: it has a display and mini display ports, four USB 3.0 Type A and B ports and lines out for audio. The one thing this model may miss is USB-C.

LG 27UD88 Model

LG brand is one of most famous names when it comes to TV and monitors. It features USB-C, hotspots and IPS panel so it is moving to the gold standard. The panel has such rich colors and covers almost 99% of the RGB color space and that is really helpful if you like editing videos and photos all day long. This monitor can cost you $650 but you will definitely save some money for yourself in the long run.

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ASUS PB287Q Monitor

This model has not an IPS panel but a TN panel and that means that color reproduction is not awesome. However, the response time of the monitor is just one ms (you will not notice any lags in performance anyway). So when you make an action with your mouse or on your keyboard, you will see it in the real time. ASUS also has picture in/by picture that lets you view the information instantly from two sources. So if you have lots to do at once, this monitor will match your needs at just under $400 price!

LG 27UD68P Monitor

Another model of great LG 4K monitor is a bit less expensive (only $400) and not future-proof. However, it can be considered one of the best ones, for now, to choose as it has 2 HDMI ports, headphone jack and also a display port. The monitor could go with USB and optical audio but it nevertheless gets the job done using a Thunderbolt adapter. The device has an IPS panel providing you with awesome viewing and deep colors and its response time is only 5ms – not great for gaming, but awesome for anything else.

BenQ PD3200U Monitor

The last one but not the worst, 32-inch PD00U is pretty expensive (over $800) but packed with all professional features you might need. It has an IPS panel, animation mode, four downstream ports, two HDMI ports, display and mini display ports and an SD card reader. Although the device is expensive, if you are a professional and should be super productive, then this one is for you!