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Top 3 Apple Best Devices that Are Still Popular Today

Monica Jessop,

Earlier this month the company made an announcement about the release of new MacBook Pro 2019 for those customers who have been waiting for over four years for this to happen. However, it is interesting that some old Apple’s devices are still popular and sold every single day all over the world despite being a bit out-of-date.

These products have not been getting updates for like 3 and 6 years but unlike new Mac Pro, they have no chances to get it in the nearest future. So we picked up three best Apple products that are out-of-date but are still popular among iOS users. Enjoy!

MacBook Pro

The version of Mac Pro was last updated in 2013 which is almost 1600 days ago. It was previewed at WWDC and then the marketing department of the company stated they could not innovate it anymore! The desktop was available for buying in December of that year and since then has not received any updates (although the price has been updating every year). Only this month Apple presented the future update of Mac Pro that has a modular design and production influenced by special new Pro workflow team.

MacBook Air

Famous and convenient MacBook Air last received Siri updates in 2015. It got such slight updates as 1.8 GHz processor in summer 2017 and since then there have not been any updates or even gossips about possible updates. The latest version is now powered by Intel processor (and namely, the one of 5th generation). You can compare it with today’s 8th generation processor and understand how out of date it is. The model has 12 inches and costs around $999 and maybe at some point in 2018, the new model will be released.

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iPad Touch

Last released in July 2015 and updated manually just like Apple`s iPhone X, iPad Touch has not been refreshed for around 2-3 years. The model has a portable media player powering by A8 chip from Apple and also 8 megapixels of camera with 128GB storage. Now iPad is called a niche Apple product and is available to get in stores. However, it is very likely that this model will receive updates after Apple stopped producing the iPod nano last year.

We are pretty sure that many of you are still using these devices at home and at work and are quite happy about them, right? And what do you think about new MacBook Pro and its older versions? Which one do you have now in your workplace?