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Thunderbolt Display VS New Thunderbolt 3 MacBook and MacBook Pro

Erik Blandford,

While the new MacBook Pro is already on the market, some also new issues pop out. First of all, users faced with the problem of 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display and connectivity with the new MacBook Pro.

Users complain that they are able to use the Thunderbolt 3 with 2 adapters, but it is impossible to use the power that comes from the display. And as the story and research go, it is clear that there is still no special adapter to create power MagSafe 1/2 connectors to USB-C. And that is what disturbs the new MacBook Pro users.

And to be honest, in this case, your search through the Internet won’t give you any result. Those USB-C ports were created in 2015. The power from later MacBook and MacBook Pro can be passed as a bidirectional force. It is a great feature that allows users to use those USB battery packs and charge their laptops. It is a really flexible and useful option. At the same time, there is no created battery pack yet that is able to power your Mac.

Two generations of MagSafe connectors

So, let’s be clear here. Your Thunderbolt Display has the great and comfortable MagSafe power connector. And the display through this very connector is able to power Apple laptops. This feature was there for years, and nothing could take it away. Or we are wrong? The problem is that all the new series are not compatible with those old connectors. And it is a dead end.

Why hasn’t Apple created new MagSafe adapter compatible with USB-C? Well, maybe the market for this product is still too small to bother this problem. Besides that, the price for such adapter would be just a slightly different than buying a new USB-C power brick.

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You would ask why any third party developer would not create an adapter of that type. Well, we all know how solid Apple’s patents are. It is just impossible to create such a tool around those MagSafe patents. And Apple has no clue to sell any licenses.