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Unlocking an iOS Device with Forgotten Password or Changed Account

Robby Fester,

Apple is always about security. The company keeps improving their security systems and tools constantly. But sometimes users may get some problems due to various factors. For those people who have multiple Apple IDs, it can become a real problem to keep all those numbers, passwords, and usernames in mind.

So, you have forgotten your password. In this case, an Activation Lock appears on the screen of your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device.

And even if you remember some of your passwords, you may forget what of those user accounts you were using last time. In this case, you will see a message saying that the device you are trying to use is linked to an Apple ID and you should enter that code and its password. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the device.

And you have two ways the story can go:

  • Someone else who was using the device erased its memory.
  • Activation Lock may block your device forever if you do not fill in the correct password for the account.

As this may seem catastrophic, you still have a way out of this situation. Apple developers don’t want you to stop using their products because of a bad memory. So, as long as you have access to the email address linked to that very Apple ID or any other gadget linked to that account, you are still able to deal with the problem. You can reset the password and log in with the new one. All you need to do is to follow the instructions Apple prepared for you.

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Apple’s Instructions

On Apple’s support official website you will easily find that “Find My iPhone Activation Lock” article. Just read the article to learn more about the entire Activation Lock option and proceed with the “If you forget your Apple ID or password” chapter. There you will find three helping links with instructions in case you want to find your Apple ID, reset your password or review and update your account information.

Erased Devices

So, we said that one of the reasons why that Activation Lock message might erase the memory of an iOS device. It happens when people use too short and weak passwords for their accounts and devices. Those passwords can be easily cracked or even guessed. And what is even more horrible, those people use the same weak password all over the place for all their accounts and stuff.

Some Apple products users become victims of criminals who lock their devices and then blackmail those people to pay a fee and get the unlocking code to use their devices again. iOS does not offer any ways a device can be locked by a stranger person. But this person can erase the original password, and that is what you should be afraid of.

So, to increase your safety level, we recommend reviewing all your passwords every month or two. Also, you need to create strong and complicated passwords with more than eight characters in. And don’t forget to use multiple passwords for various websites, accounts, and devices.