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Learn How To Clear Storage on Mac laptops

Monica Jessop,

You can easily control the whole situation, especially if you use macOS High Sierra. Just follow this path: Apple Menu > About this Mac > Storage. Most likely you will see the next situation:

See how much space is being consumed by the “Other” category? You need to clean it in order to free up space. There are two possible ways to complete it. The first one is the manual method. For inexperienced users, it is better to avoid such method, since you can remove or delete apps and updates, which will make your Mac work even worse. It is advisable to use famous applications, specially created and designed for cleaning devices based on Mac OS.

For example, MacFly Pro can be helpful and useful in this case. This app is smart and has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it has three main features, such as Smart Assistant, Cleanup and Tools. They work together as one good mechanism, finding and removing the junk files from your system. It also has a special feature that is able to provide you with daily tips on how to free up storage on mac or simply in order to make the overall performance of your favorite device better. In the end, you will see the positive results immediately.

Check your Library home folder

The “Other” category can consist of different files from the different apps or other storage. Usually, it is highly recommended to check your Library home folder. This folder can save all files that are related to the certain app. Important to notice – Library is hidden, so in order to get an access there and clear up storage do the following:

  1. Click “Finder”.
  2. Select “Go”.
  3. Go to Folder and type ~/Library/
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These photos above show what you need to do next:

  • Choose View
  • Click on “Library”
  • Check the overall data of this folder.

It is better to go deeper and see what exact folders contain the amount of data with a huge size. You can check the next folder:

Library > Application Support > Mobile Sync > Backup.

You are able to delete some files from that folder if you do not need to use some backup files.

The content inside the Mail folder in with your personal Mail settings and attachments. If you see the files you are not going to use, then remove them.

This small guide can be helpful for all users who recently faced issues like how to clean up storage on Mac. Make sure you follow all these steps, but it is better to rely on trusted third-party applications like MacFly Pro. By using this app, you can easily delete or remove junk files in few clicks.