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Here’s What Antivirus for iPhone Really Looks Like

Robby Fester,

You actually already have it installed into your system! There’s no such a thing as an antivirus for iPhone or iPad, seriously. Apple has already done this job for you. The software does a great job of keeping your devices protected, and there’s nothing you can do to enhance that, and indeed you don’t need to do that. Unlike in other smartphones or tablets, Apple devices have inbuilt protection by default. It has to do with the whole software type as well as the way they run Apple Store.

If you see adverts of antivirus apps for an iPhone or an iPad – be alert and stay away from them. It’s hard to say if something advertised as this will eventually be available for purchase in Apple Store, but you wouldn’t want to even click on that link at all. We warned you!

How Apple Secures Your User Experience?

Get this, some of the features that most regular antivirus software provide are all embedded into the Apple’s iOS. And you don’t have to worry about protecting your device at all as long as you update newly available iOS on your phone or tablet and don’t keep going with your late iOS 11.2.5. You’ll be 100% secured if you refresh the operating system regularly, and nothing will ever happen to your device.

But what’re those features that protect iPhone? First of all, we always install new apps via Apple Store if only the iPhone is not jailbroken. And this has to be underlined here; Apple doesn’t back the idea of jailbreaking your phone because in this case the system immediately gets exposed to outside factors that can be harmful to your device. And nobody can foretell the consequences. But the thing with the Apple Store is that all apps listed there are pre-screened for malware and other breaches of security. And apps that pass through Apple’s strict control policy appear to be malware-free.

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However, we cannot deny that there might be exceptions because the app market is growing steadily with dozens of apps entering the store every day. But even if something passes by unnoticed – the company will make sure to delete it as soon as possible. So if you’ve downloaded a suspicious app, don’t worry, these things get fixed pretty quickly. The app would be deleted from your iPhone or iPad immediately!

Also, Apple has included browsing protection to the features that you can turn on/off in your settings. In general, most of the necessary anti-fraud online features are always turned on, and you don’t need to make an effort of configuring them by yourself. The most notable is the “fraudulent website warning” option that prevents you from entering scam websites. For example, if the appeared page on the screen asks for your personal information, whether it is your passport, SNN or bank account details, the system will warn you of that action & mark it as a fraud.

Which Apps to Download from Apple Store if You Need Extra Security Measures?

Actually, there are some apps from big brands like “McAfee Mobile Security” and “Norton Mobile Security” that you might be familiar with. These you can easily download from the Apple Store. But let us mention it again, those are unnecessary apps that for the most part copy what already exists or have extra security-related functions like password-protecting your photos, notes or other files on board.

Apparently, words “antivirus” and “anti-malware” are restricted from appearing in the description of apps in the Apple Store. If so, it makes sense because there’s no need for that kind of protection, as it has always been in your device’s operating system.

Overall, Apple has taken hearts of millions with their default anti-malware software protection, that doesn’t need to be downloaded & installed manually. Good job, Apple!