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Get Rid of Unwanted Contacts: How to Block iPhone Calls

Monica Jessop,

Friends are calling everyday because you owe them money? Boss is trying to reach you on the weekend? There is an easy way out – just to block their incoming calls. Unlocking iOS you can block not individual numbers, but contacts, messages, and even FaceTime calls. So, if you were switching the phone off and kept it in the fridge…well, we are here to help you make your life easier!

First Steps

On the example of iPhone features, we will share how you can block any way of communication. The block of calls is applied to all the numbers of this contact so if the person starts calling you from a new number, just attach this one to other numbers of this contact and it will be blocked. You can block FaceTime calls the same way inside the app. Just click the ⓘ icon of the caller and press Block this Caller.

Text Blocking

Blocking messages differs from other types of blocking. You start in the message app: open the chat with the contact you need to block. After that tap ⓘ icon and > chevron right to the name of the contact getting to contact details. Get down the list and press Block this Caller, just like you have done it with calls.

You can also filter and block messages from the numbers you do not know setting iMessage app. If you turn this feature on, you will still receive messages from all people but just will not be alerted. All incoming messages will be collected into the folder Unknown Senders. In this folder you can read and reply as usual. If you know these people, you can add them to contacts. If not, just mark it as spam and report about it.

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Summing Up

Blocking contacts is easy and powerful. If you block a person on your iPhone, it will be automatically blocked on Mac, iPad, iPod etc. in case you sync contacts between devices. If you want to view the blocked contacts, check the Settings app. Every app has personal block list, you can find them here:

Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification

Settings > Messages > Blocked

Settings > FaceTime > Blocked

In order to unblock any contact, just swipe left on the needed name and press Unblock. You can also do it the same way you blocked them. From this screen, you can block new contacts just pressing Add New. You should know that you block not services but people. Thus, if you block your ex-wife in iMessage, she will be also blocked in iPhone and FaceTime.