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How to Free Up Memory on Mac – the Essential Things You Should Know

Robby Fester,

The memory upgrade is definitely worth considering if you are the owner of the older Mac model. Of course, your machine can be in a great condition but unfortunately, it may be not capable of performing more difficult tasks anymore. Just learn how to free up ram on Mac and give your computer a hardware boost.

How RAM Affects Your Computer?

Activity Monitor will give you the opportunity to understand how apps and programs influence your network usage, disk, energy, memory, and CPU

First of all, we should understand what RAM exactly is. Random Access Memory is a hardware device that makes it possible to store and retrieve information on your Mac. The more RAM your computer has, the better your system performance is. Your computer can access the information much faster because it is accessed randomly instead of sequentially. But it doesn`t mean that you must purchase as much RAM as possible immediately. The amount of RAM that you require depends on what you use your Mac for. Use Activity Monitor to find out whether your RAM is enough for you.

The Memory pane will inform you about how memory is being used

Is It Possible to Upgrade Your Mac?

You are not able to install new RAM on all Mac models. So, it is very important to determine whether you can upgrade your RAM on your current computer. Check how much RAM your Mac and its operating system can support by heading over to the Apple`s Tech Specpage. Go to Apple Menu>About this Mac, click on System Report, and choose Memory. Purchasing additional memory will allow your computer to perform more tasks at once. We also recommend downloading macOS 10.13.3 version that will improve the security and stability on your Mac.

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How to Make Most of Your RAM?

RAM is used by running applications, so the easiest way to free up RAM is to quit applications that you’re not using. Right-click the app in the Dock and select Quit in order not to let it run in the background.

Open System Preferences>Dock and check the last bow on the list Show indicators for open applications to enable the indicator.

You can also sign in to iCloud and use it for storage. You will be able to upload, store and share data as well as access it from any other computer with a web browser freeing up more RAM at the same time.

Free Up Memory with the Help of Third-Party Apps

If you want to save your time and efforts, then it is better to choose a high-quality third-party app that would handle your Mac cleaning difficulties professionally. MacFly Pro can be a good option as it has special modules to solve the problem right away. Just click the Clean under memory in the Cleanup section to free up ram Mac instantly.

Cleanup will take care of RAM usage of installed processes and apps.

However, besides being able to clean Mac and free up memory it can offer a lot of other useful functions.