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Deleting an Item from the List of Known Networks


Wi-Fi hotpots may be convenient and irritating at the same time. When it comes to using iPhone or Mac PC, they’re often trying to connect to an available hotspot even when you don’t want to.
A lot of Apple users want to prevent their computers from connecting one company’s Wi-Fi hotspot. The problem is to set a Mac to never ever connect to one exact Wi-Fi hotpot. In addition, they want to eliminate it in their iPhones, too. Trying to delete the item from the list of the known networks gave poor results. Indeed, Apple’s Wi-Fi network control has become a primitive one some releases ago. Nevertheless, programmers of Apple made it even worse when they removed a few features for good.

To make it, one has to:

  1. Open the Network system preference panel.
  2. Click any Wi-Fi entry in the adapter list.
  3. Click the Advanced button.
  4. In the Wi-Fi tab, select a network you want to remove, and click the minus (-).
  5. Tap OK and Apply.
The final step in removing the preferred network

In step 4, a user is able to change the connection priority, so that all preferred networks are on top. The list can include lots of entries with the flow of time. One of the other inconvenient things is lack of the way to search for the items on the list. A user can neither see when a particular network was added nor get any relevant information about it.

Using the Keychain access menu to remove the network

In particular, the problem can be in iCloud-based sync system for Wi-Fi network entries. If the iCloud Keychain is on, each Apple device logged into the same account is able to sync all the passwords for the networks. If you log in to any cafe’s hotspot saved on your device, you will notice the following thing. The password on any other device will be synced over the cellular network. Thus, it will connect to the local network.

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Deleting any network entries cannot be a solution to this issue. The Keychain entries can be synced, and an iPhone will get a password while connecting the network. It happens since hotpot uses a login process, which is web-based. Thus, Apple passes any information to the hotspot login system. Therefore, the system intercepts the portal screens and, afterward, fills these screens with the saved information. However, there is a way to solve this steady problem. In macOS, users can use Keychain Access, so that no one can manage Keychain entries directly in iOS. A network can be “forgotten” via Settings > Wi-Fi > “The name of a network.” A user must tap “Forget This Network” and confirm this action. Nonetheless, it may also not remove the Keychain entry.
So, follow these steps to use Keychain Access:

  1. Launch Keychain Access (in Applications > Utilities).
  2. Find the network name.
  3. Select the entry and tap Edit > Delete.
  4. Confirm the action.
Keychain Access menu in macOS

In the end, go back to the Network preference panel and make all the above steps to be sure an entry will not appear again. There is a possibility it is an issue with iCloud Keychain sync, but no harm is done when cleaning out unnecessary entries in Keychain Access.

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