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We are the team of digital and IT enthusiasts that became professionals. The information we operate, create, and provide is useful, reliable, and unique. That is why you need to keep your eyes open 24/7 to get and use everything we offer.

Our Goal

Our team tries to change the perspective and view of a default Apple gadget user and offer him or her valuable info. It is hard to find a source of information you can trust and use no risks and doubts.

We are here to presents the most innovative solutions and the most valuable reviews. If you need to fix a problem or to make your decision about some certain product, you’ve got to the right place. Modern generation Apple products are complex and interesting things to deal with and sometimes it is better to start with a proper tip or advice behind your back.

Our Writers

My-Mac.org is a team of writers and reviewers of the highest level. Each one of us has its place in the production hierarchy and does everything possible to provide our readers with the most valuable info. We spend our working time surfing new innovative solutions and the digital world in general. And we spend our free time doing, actually, the same stuff.

Our mission is to help and to inform as a well-informed person is an armed consumer that would not get trapped by new products and market tricks. You deserve to know more and to receive more. Here at My-Mac.org, you will find only the best and unique materials about everything Apple.